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HTML5 Game Developer

At Cloud Games we are currently looking for a 2D game developer to assist us in the development of our HTML5 (Facebook Messenger) games and playable advertisements. You will work together with our experienced tech and design people to build awesome gaming projects, which will have a big impact on millions of players.

Why you’re awesome:

  • Good at problem-solving and debugging
  • Experience with various 2D HTML5 game engines (PhaserJS, PixiJS, EaselJS)
  • Experience with working with assets (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Good JavaScript skills
  • Experience with GIT

You will get:

  • Being part of a growing start-up, with flexible working hours
  • Our office is super close (like 10 meters) from Haarlem CS
  • Working with an awesome international team (we have people in four countries)
  • Working on large-impact projects for gaming companies like Big Fish and Rovio
  • Free lunch, drinks, fruit, Nerf gun + ammunition and snacks


E-mail: robin@cloudgames.com

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