Doodle Jump HTML5 by Cloud Games
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Doodle Jump is one of the most successful games ever to go HTML5 (press release)

In light of the recent rise of HTML5 gaming, most notably by the introduction of Messenger’s Instant Games, Lima Sky and Cloud Games are announcing today that Doodle Jump, one of the most downloaded mobile games ever, is now available to play on the web. The introduction of this HTML5 version of Doodle Jump is part of Lima Sky’s recent push to new platforms.

After years of being a promising technology of mobile gaming, HTML5 has recently seen a significant impulse due to several mobile platforms embedding HTML5 games into their apps. Messaging app Kik allows users to play these games directly in the Kik app, while Facebook Messenger recently launched a similar approach called ‘Instant Games’.

Four years ago, Mark Zuckerberg said betting on HTML5 was Facebook’s biggest mistake, due to the poor performance on mobile devices. But since the introduction of Android’s Chrome-based browsing technology and iOS’ Webkit-based in-app browsers, mobile devices are now able to play HTML5 games with full hardware acceleration and 3D support. This makes HTML5 especially suitable for platforms that want to allow games being played without installing anything on the device, like Messenger.

Lima Sky’s HTML5 version of Doodle Jump was built in collaboration with Cloud Games, a Netherlands-based HTML5 game developer and publisher. Cloud Games’ CEO Jord de Kooning said: “Doodle Jump was my first experience with mobile gaming as we know it, being able to tilt your device to navigate in the game. Lima Sky is one of the pioneers in the mobile gaming industry. We are excited to be part of bringing this full mobile experience to the web with HTML5.”

Initially, the Doodle Jump HTML5 game will be launched exclusively on the web portals of Spil Games. De Kooning: “Spil Games has one of the largest gaming networks in the world with over 115 million monthly active users and is an expert in creating a bridge between native and web games. Doodle Jump is one of the most downloaded apps ever with over 200 million unique downloads. Combining both forces seemed like the logical thing to do. We want Doodle Jump to be as successful on the web as it is on native platforms.”

Doodle Jump is one of the biggest mobile titles to get an HTML5 version of the game. Matt Turetzky, COO of Lima Sky said: “With the introduction of the HTML5 version of Doodle Jump, anyone will be able to play Doodle Jump on any device. This opens up a whole new user base for Doodle Jump. Additionally, having an HTML5 game enables us to bring the game to new in-app platforms in the future.”

The game is available immediately on all platforms and can be played here.


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