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js13kGames – Coding competition for HTML5 Game Developers.

The Js13kGames is a competition where developers are limited to a maximal game size of 13 kilobytes, including all assets like images and sounds. The challenge in this competition is to make the most awesome game in only 13 kilobytes. It’s starting on August 13th and ending on September 13th, you can code this whole month working on your game.

All the source codes have to be hosted open source on GitHub, so other developers can learn from your coding skills. You will have to provide both the compressed and the uncompressed versions of the game source files. External libraries are not allowed which means that your game should be able to run offline without the need of loading any external resources. It should also be kept in mind that only pure JavaScript code can be submitted.

Also, you need to make sure your final code will still be in the 13kb file limit. The competition is divided into three different categories which include desktop, mobile, and server. As a HTML5 developer, you can submit your game in any of these categories to be part of the competition. The event starts on August 13th, 2016, 13:00 CEST and the main theme of the competition will be revealed on the same date.

The competition, which is known as js13kGames, is awesome news for all game developers who wanted a break as this might be their golden opportunity. Here are some reasons that will convince you that you need to participate in this competition if you think you are a competent game developer:

    It is an extremely great chance for game developers because they will get a lot of exposure and experience that cannot be gained otherwise. Both these traits are of immense importance in the digital world where new technologies are being developed on almost daily basis but experience helps step forward fearlessly to gain advantage from these technological advancements.

    Furthermore, it proves to be unique chance to get your game reviewed by really experienced and highly qualified people who are working for a lot of years in the HTML5 gaming industry. Your work will be critically appreciated whether positive or negative the comments of such renowned personalities will guide you rightly. Good comments can motivate you a great deal whereas negative ones can help you point out your weaknesses and try to improve. 

    You will learn a lot from the competition and have fun while working on your 13kb game. The Js13kGames competition is a tough one as 13kb is a very low file size and if you have to develop a game having such a small limit, then you will get to know and learn a lot of new things. In addition to this, you will have a great time and enjoy every moment of the competition.

    Besides all these awesome things, there are also some great prizes that you can win. These prizes are provided by sponsor companies and may include software licenses, ebooks, courses and promo codes.

Judges of the competition

All the participating HTML5 games will be reviewed by judges who have great experience in the HTML5 game industry. Among the major renowned personalities are Andrzej Mazur, Christer Kaitila, Jupiter Hadley, Pablo Farías Navarro, Robert Podgórski, Jason Weathersby and Elle Chen.

Things to note

Everything about the competition seems dreamlike for you as a HTML5 game developer because you need to compete in this challenge that involves doing what you are good at and provides amazing gifts as rewards. However, it is important to remember a few rules before you proceed any further. Here is a list of some of the rules:

Observance of the theme

You should make sure that you will follow the main theme which will be revealed at the start of the event which is August 13th, 2016, 13:00 CEST, because the judges will definitely pay close attention to this.

Size limit shouldn’t be exceeded

The size of the file, containing the game, is the whole essence of the competition which is equal to 13kb. You also need to remember that the source of all games should be in pure JavaScript thus the competition derives its name from these two facts.

Submit your HTML5 game on time

Make sure your will submit your game before September 13th, otherwise the judges won’t be able to review your game.

When will the winners be announced?

Judges will review and vote for the games after September 13th and the winners will be announced on September 28th.

This sounds great! How can I join!?

Just click on this link, and follow the details on the Js13kGames website. And please let us know in the comments if you joined, we love to follow the progress of the competition.

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