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Publish our games and earn money with our In-Game-Revenue setup or simply license the games from us with your branding in it.

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What we do for publishers

Cloud Games makes monetizing your web traffic easy and transparent by automating in-game advertisement, with high revenue shares.

We offer hundreds of high quality HTML5 games that will increase user engagement and retention on your website. Our portfolio is 100% cross-platform and playable on all desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

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What we do for game developers

Cloud Games is a great platform to easily monetize your HTML5 games. We generate a transparent lifetime cash flow for your games by using our reach of over 200 million gamers.

We provide you with online revenue optimization tools and a real-time performance dashboard. Our goal is to help your games reach their full potential, while serving the world a great portion of fun and excitement.

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Free HTML5 games for your site! Looking for HTML5 premium content? We have them right here.

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